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Search engine ranking

The internet is the place most people turn to find out information on any subject they want. Millions of people around the world conduct online searches to purchase items online, research any topic, or just find a community of friend in their area. In the U.S., almost 90 percent of adults and teenagers used the internet for these purposes in 2012. Half of them then went onto social media sites like Facebook to review what other users had to say about the product. The possibilities on the internet are endless, as are the number of websites that pop up on a search engine results page. The average Google search pulls up at least thousands of websites and ways to locate information.

With so many sites fighting to get to the top of search engine results, SEO, search engine optimization, companies are raking in profit. SEO experts have studied online marketing and know that users want the best information, as fast as they can get it. By next year, mobile devices will replace desktop computers, making access to the internet instant. More than half of these users will use smartphones and tablets to look up products online, instead of their laptops. People want to be able to type in a few words and find what they want immediately. With this attitude in mind, SEO experts use tools and analysis to help companies push their sites to the top of the results page. With an increased search engine ranking, a website’s visibility multiplies and can be moved up to the first page. Most people do not venture past the first page of search engine results, so this is a crucial part of marketing a company.

Because Google has become the most popular search engine, it receives about three quarters of the market share. It is famous for the its doodles, which are usually changed to celebrate major holidays, or to commemorate famous people. The first doodle depicting the Burning Man, was used to let users know that the co-founders were at a famous Nevada festival, and not in the office. SEO companies know how important Google rankings are since most users use its search engine. Using SEO marketing to increase search engine rankings could be the best way to get your company the customers it needs to be successful.

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