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Do you really have time for this?

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So you have decided to build a small business selling SEO because you have seen the awesome potential of the search engine optimization space. Great. I agree with you. It is an amazing world out there right now. Google is dominant and there is a bunch of money to be made helping people be well placed. So you start reading about SEO and think you can build a little product yourself. Do you really have time for that? I say no. You should be thinking of joining an leading SEO reseller program instead.

My reasons for support an SEO reseller strategy are simply. You simply don’t have time not to. You need to be out there figuring out how to make sales in this competitive market. And that is a full-time job. When you sign up as an SEO reseller, the reseller organization is going to take care of all the product delivery. If you sign up with the right one (such as, they will even help with the sales side as well as customer service. These guys also send out your monthly reports and daily keyword alerts and your newsletter. Sure, you are sharing the profit with them in return, but it’s a good deal. Your customers will get a much better SEO product than if you build something yourself. And anyway, you SIMPLY DON’T HAVE TIME to build an SEO product. You need to be out doing sales or your business will not make it. End of story!

Joining the SEO reseller space

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If you are really attracted to the idea of selling SEO services, then there are a number of factors you should consider. First, nice job for doing some research. If you reading this it is because you’ve realized the importance of a proper survey of the players before jumping into any relationships. In business they call it due diligence. That’s appropriate.

The first thing to realize about the search engine optimization space is that it is much more competitive than you think. There are simply very low barriers to entry. And if you remember anything from Adam Smith – you will understand that this will put downward pressure on prices (remember supply and demand curves?). The other thing to recognize is that SEO services today don’t mean just changing someone’s title tags. That’s very 2003. And those days are seriously over. If you don’t have a clear handle on the difference between on-site SEO and off-site SEO, you have more work to do than I thought.

If you do have the knowledge and desire to really offer SEO, then becoming an SEO reseller might be the smart first move. The reselling model is not unique to SEO. There are resellers in many many different industries. Many well-known ones are in technology. And the same trend is developing in search engine optimization. Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

Someone decides they want to be an SEO reseller because they want to be in this space but don’t current have a search engine optimization product to bring to market. So they look around for organizations that are specifically set up to offer the services. Most good programs offer a private label, or white label SEO, approach where the customer is not aware that the delivery work has been outsources. This is generally attractive because the customer relationship is maintained with the organization that sold the account. In this fashion, being an SEO reseller is VERY different from being an affiliate sales person.  If all works well, both the sales organization and the delivery organization make a share of the profits. The customer receives excellent value and all are happy. At least in theory.